Some stories stick with you and eventually you just have to find out more. This was the case with one of the blogs we posted: Orange County Man Alleged To Have Put Semen In A Co-Worker’s Waterbottle. We wondered did he do it? Well after some more looking we have a follow up.

Michael Kevin Lallana was convicted of twice ejaculating into a co-worker’s drinking water was ordered to pay the victim $27,410.80 for loss of wages, therapy and medical expenses, sentenced to six months in jail three years’ probation and he was also required to register as a sex offender.

Lallana worked with the victim, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and on two separate occasions at two separate branches he left a semen-laced bottle of water on the victim’s desk, and when she returned later, she drank from it.

Lallana stated that “felt that was as close as he could get”  to the 29-year-old executive assistant, and that he did it for “He did it for the purpose of sexual gratification.” said Deputy District Attorney Brock Zimmon.