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56 Years ago, two Oregon women, Kay Rene (Reed) Qualls and DeeAnn (Angell) Shafer, were born at Heppner’s Pioneer Memorial Hospital. While both girls were being bathed they were accidentally switched and returned to the wrong mothers.  The mistake was not discovered until the summer of 2008, when a former neighbor of the Angell family, and a friend of the Reed family, contacted Kay’s older brother, Bobby.

The 86 year old woman told Bobby that she “needed to get something offer her chest”.  She claimed Marjorie Angell, DeeAnn’s mom, had insisted she’d come home with the wrong baby – nurses had taken her baby and the Reed baby, both bald and weighing about 6 pounds, and bathed them together, when they returned with the babies, they’d been switched.

Both families compared stories and learned that rumors of the switch had been talked about for years.  They decided to preform a sibling-ship test to determine the truth as both sets of parents were deceased.  DeeAnn and Kay tested with two of Kay’s purported siblings and discovered that they had, in fact, been switched at birth!

It should comfort some to know that, while mistakes can happen, it is highly unlikely that this type of oversight could be made at a hospital in this day and age, as there are many precautions taken. Furthermore, should a mother have concerns, she is now able to do purchase and perform a maternity DNA test.

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By: Briana R.

I don’t even know what to say – either we have become way to over protective or our society has become one of the most dangerous in the world and we aren’t careful enough.

“America’s Worst Mom”, Lenore Skenazy, has taken her parenting experiences, and those of other parents, collected on her web page, “Free-Range Kids” and turn them into a book.

For those of you who didn’t know about Lenore Skenazy, she is the mother of Izzy, who at the age of 9 was allowed by his parents to make is way home from a New York Bloomingdale’s. Izzy was given quarters, a subway map, transit tickets, and 20 dollars. He had to travel just a few miles, taking 1 subway for a total of 3 stops and 1 bus for a total of 6 stops. Skenazy who was very proud of her son wrote a news column about Izzy’s experience only to find herself and her family as the center of a media frenzy.

Becoming Dubbed the “America’s Worst Mom,” the Skenazy family has made no apologizes for their behavior but rather struck back with the web site and now a book teaching and helping other parents in their struggles to let children experience life freely.

Would you allow your 9-year old child to roam, parent-free, in the streets of New York? How do you feel about Mrs. Skenazy’s parenting? Let us know…